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*Grounds for the Origin of Species Theory Based on DNA Codes*

Modern science has determined that hereditary information of all living species is totally defined by its own DNA coding sequences. Unique DNA codes define a unique species. The overall DNA coding sequences maintain high fidelity during the genetic breeding of various species, thereby helping scientists find sources of any species. Since biological features of all species depend on their own DNA codes, DNA codes must be the only correct direction and methodology for understan ding the origin of species.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Who are we? Where are we from? These questions have troubled people for centuries. Despite much thought, there are no satisfactory answers.

The textbooks have long taught us that human beings are evolved from anthropoid apes.

Today, a new science, Molecular Anthropology, tells us this: nearly 7 billion human beings in the world share a common grand, grand…father, the Y-chromosome Adam, and also share a common grand, grand…mother, the Mitochondrial Eve. After reading information of this website, you will be convinced that human beings could not be the result of evolution, sudden mutation or in any way related to the anthropoid apes.

It is well established that modern humans originated from Africa around 250 thousand years ago. How can we unravel the remote secret of the past? Scientifically, there are only two ways:

1. The traditional biological method to deduce evolutionary relationship by comparing fossils i.e. shapes of skull bones, brain volumes and shapes of leg bones However, modern DNA science has proven that this method is wrong and a misleading approach.

2. Exploration by DNA, i.e. approach of molecular anthropology. In reality, this approach is an expansion and extension of the DNA paternity test. By analyzing the DNAs of human beings from all over the world, we can trace backward our ancestors from thousands or tens of thousands years ago.

At the beginning of this century, the above two approaches had their first confrontation in judging whether or not the sinanthropus Peking man was the ancestor of Chinese people. In the end, the blood samples from 12,127 men completely disproved the conclusion that sinanthropus Peking Man was the ancestor of Chinese people. Almost at the same time, the European scientists also overthrew the conclusion that the Neanderthals were ancestors of Europeans by the same approach of molecular anthropology. As in criminal cases, the aforementioned examples have cleared up the long injustice with the help of the DNA test.

In a cell of every person there are 23 chromosomes from the father and 23 chromosomes plus mitochondrial DNA from the mother. Compared with a man, a woman has two X-chromosomes but no Y-chromosome. The 22 autosomes are the same between men and women. It is the hereditary information contained in chromosomes and mitochondria that constitute our physiological, physical and our facial characteristics.

With careful scrutiny, we can see that every child receives not only the physical body but also the non-physical genetic information (or “the intangible genetic information”). Regardless of how you teach and train a chimpanzee, you will never make it listen, speak, read and write like a primary school student. Why? Besides the physical differences between a person and a chimpanzee, human beings also inherit the “non-physical genetic information” unavailable to the chimpanzees from his or her parents. Human beings have such intelligence unparalleled by that of any animal even though this intelligence comes from learning after a person grows up. However, the “ability” to learn and acquire such intelligence is already present during the embryonic stage. Therefore, the “DNA codes of human cells are the only carrier storing the hereditary information of life”, “the intangible genetic information” must be carried by DNA codes.

What is this information? It is a 3 billion DNA codes from the chromosomes of the father and the 3 billion DNA codes from the chromosomes and mitochondria of the mother. They look like the codes of computer software with the only difference being that DNA has 4 status codes: A, T, C and G, while computer has 2 status codes: 0 and 1.

DNA codes determine all features of a human body. The 6 billion codes in your cells created you, the person. The 6 billion DNA codes in my cells create me, the person. Wherever you are from, Africa, Asia or Europe, the sequences are completely the same in the 6 billion DNA codes in you and me respectively. The only difference between us is one character in a thousand. For example, at the same position, you have ‘A’ and I have ‘C’ nucleotide, which is the only difference in identity between you and me. From this viewpoint, we are all products of the DNA codes. Given the consistency and similarity of the DNA sequences in all human beings on earth, we must share the same common source of a person created by the same DNA codes.

Why can we trace our ancestor from the modern man? It is because human DNAs also store an archive from your earliest ancestor. The archive shows the origin of human beings and the migration routes of your ancestor as well as the kinship between you and all peoples in the world. It is compiled by DNA codes and “DNA genetic markers” stored in the chromosomes or mitochondria of the cell. Every DNA code of these genetic markers has a defined position and a matched chromosomal (or mitochondrial) sequence position code. By rigorous reproductive mechanism of DNA together with the addition of some tiny differences, these genetic markers do not change for thousands and even tens of thousands of years. Some of them represent the “fixed genetic markers” of the original sources for our human ancestors with DNA sequences varying in length from hundreds to even 1767 characters. They exist in every man and woman in the world. Since the birth of human beings, not even one character has changed. What an amazing mystery! This amazing mystery is an undeniable fact visible in every drop of blood from you and me.

With this approach, scientists have proven that the whole family of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II and his entire family including the princess Anastasia were executed. The blood samples from the offspring of Cao Cao, the Prime Minister of China, 1800 years ago plus DNA in a tooth from an ancient tomb help scientists to identify Cao Cao’s Y chromosome type. The DNA of Otzi the Iceman who lived in Europe 5000 years ago help to define his clan and provide proof that Cro-Magnons 28,000 years ago were ancestors of Europeans. Moreover, it proves that all peoples in the world are offspring of the same pair of parents. All these evidence are the result of DNA decoding which is available to you at this and related websites.

It is indeed amazing that when examining DNAs of chimpanzees, we find that they are also the offspring of the same “initial parents”. The pair number and length of their chromosomes are significantly different from the human beings, which prove that human beings do not share common ancestors with chimpanzees. Through DNA decoding, scientists also suggest that cattle from the United States share a common “grandmother”, All the pigs in the world share a common “grandmother”. Even all eels from Americas share a common ancestor. Due to differences in chromosome number and DNA, it is impossible for their ancestors to interchange. Therefore, they cannot be linked in the evolutionary sense. In fact, all living species including human being are products of DNA codes with different sources of original DNA codes. It is truly amazing that the chromosomes from all kinds of wheat that they have come from one early grain of wheat seed. This website will cover the above topics in greater detail.

In sum, it is DNA codes that have founded the origins of all species. By DNA decoding, we have written a brand new “textbook” of “the Origin of Species” by with contents unimaginable for Darwin. The outdated and absurd Theory of Evolution should exit from the historical stage of science.

We have citations from nearly 100 scientific research reports mostly from Nature, Science and other prestigious scientific journals. Moreover, many DNA coding information comes directly from the GenBank of National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). We truthfully quote data and proofs of DNA sequences provided by these scientific reports to explain how the brand new conclusions from modern anthropology are acquired.

After you have finished reading this website, and consider what had happened to human beings in the last 200 thousand years, you will gain a fresh and new perspective. No matter where your ancestors have lived (e.g. Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia or Americas
), you will know the placed they have been as well as their original sources. At the same time, we can assure you that you will be convinced by the novel and evidence-based theory of the origin of species proposed in this website.


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Appendix: DNA coding information

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