This book will emphatically argue that human beings and chimpanzees have never shared a common ancestor, nor did humans undergo evolution or microevolution. Moreover, this book will discuss the serious mistakes and misleading guidance the book published by NAS- National Academy of Sciences, “Science, Evolution, and Creationism” makes.

Their argument human beings and chimpanzees share the common ancestor is wrong without any scientific basis.

They also claim that the Theory of Evolution is “the cornerstone of modern sciences”. However, the facts shown by DNA codes proved Theory of Evolution is wrong. Based on a wrong viewpoint as cornerstone, NAS suppresses and impedes the development of science. NAS members are leaders in American sciences. Therefore, they have to bear the necessary responsibility.

Modern science has determined that hereditary information of all living species is totally defined by its own DNA coding sequences. Unique DNA codes define a unique species. The overall DNA coding sequences keep high fidelity during the genetic breeding of various species, there by helping scientists find sources of any species. Since biological features of all species depend on their own DNA codes, DNA codes must be the only correct direction and method for understanding the origin of species.