For over one hundred years before DNA coding was discovered, the Theory of Evolution dominated biology. We can call the biology of that era as "Pre-DNA Biology". During this era, generations of biologists inherited biological theories derived from the Theory of Evolution. Thus, these biologists cannot understand the error of the Theory of Evolution.

However, science does not follow human will. The conclusions expressed by DNA coding conflict with the foundations of the Theory of Evolution. The fact that the DNA coding of all humans have consistent sequences shatters the premise of the Theory of Evolution, namely, that evolution is random. The uniqueness in the number and karyotypes of biological chromosomes prevents the production of new species through continuous and slight change.

DNA coding gives new life to biology by revealing the inherent secret of living creatures. Thus, "Post-DNA Biology" must be established. In this new era of biology, the most urgent task is to understand the inherent nature of living creatures through DNA coding, which consists of DNA decoding and mathematic analysis.